Admin Note:

A and I are going to have to put this roleplay on a hiatus. We just haven’t received enough auditions to make a serious start and don’t want to try to open only to have everything fall apart in the first week.


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You can expect a Kaylee app from me in the next day or so. :)

We look forward to it!

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We have quite a bit of reserves that we have not received applications for! If you are still interested in the roleplay and have sent in a reserve, please try to get us your applications by the end of the week.


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Can I reserve River? Is she open?

You can check the status of characters on the roles page, but yes River is open and you can reserve her.


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huzzzah said:

Can I reserve Wash? This rp looks fantastic, by the way.

Yes of course! And thank you, we really appreciate it.

Consider Wash on reserve until you send in your application.


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If I’m still drinking, I’m still alive.”

| Ellen Min | Bootlegger | FC: Ming-Na Wen | Open | 

+ Independent, resourceful, tough

- impulsive, loud-mouthed, mischievous


Ellen Min was born on Beaumonde. She grew up on the coasts, where the sky was clearer than anywhere else on the planet. When work became harder and harder to find, Ellen’s family moved to a congested city to find factor jobs. Following suit, when Ellen turned fifteen, she found herself a job in a Bourbon factory. She fell in love with a girl who worked in her factory with cute dimples and a sunny outlook on life. When her ex-lover was killed during an Alliance raid on a factory, she joined the Independence in retaliation. Ellen had seen too much death at a young age to remain neutral. Her family were always staunch Alliance supporters, and when Ellen sided with the Browncoats her family disowned her and refused to acknowledge her existence.

Ellen met Zoe Alleyne when she first joined the Alliance and the he two became fast friends. They were assigned to different units and lost contact after basic training. Ellen excelled during the war, and quickly gained the rank of Sergeant. With her service came quite the reputation for her stealth skills and kills; Ellen preferred close quarters combat to firearms. She was captured along with the rest of her unit when the Independence surrendered. They were taken to a war camp where she once again found herself in the company of her friend Zoe, who introduced her to her Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds. Ellen and Mal also found a quick friendship forming over their common feelings toward the Alliance.


After her release from the Alliance war camp, Ellen returned to Beaumonde. Knowing she had no family or support system, Ellen she headed to Huntsville. The small community she lives in welcomes Browncoats with open arms, and with a little tough love and business arrangements, Ellen found the funds to open her own distillery. She works outside of Alliance laws, but makes the best Old Earth Kentucky Bourbon in the ‘Verse. Even the law-abiding citizens turn a blind eye to her productions, and Ellen has a steady, secure list of clients on and off world.

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Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps.”

| Derrial Book | Preacher | FC: Ron Glass | Open | 

+ spiritual, humble, righteous

- restricted, enigmatic, unforthcoming


Derrial Book was born Henry Evans. He lived under the abusive rule of his father, using music as an escape from daily beatings. He eventually left home, established himself as a successful thief and became very adept at avoiding law enforcement. He was recruited by the Independence Movement who believed he has excellent combat potential. Over the next years, he honed his fighting skills, and easily defeated heavily-armed federal agents singlehandedly. Evans rarely attended meetings with his fellow Independence peers but immediately volunteered for a long term mole operation.To join the Alliance he needed a new identity, and Evans lured a young man named Derrial Book into an alley and killed him, to steal his identity permanently. 

Book rose through the ranks, becoming a law enforcement on Jiangyin, where he utilized brutal beatings on captured members of the Independence. After six years he was given a position aboard the I.A.V. Cortez, where he directed the final movement of an Alliance operation to ambush Independence transports on a massive scale. As the Alliance forces raided these transports, they were ambushed, and it became “the single greatest disaster in Alliance history”. Book was immediately discharged and thrown into an escape vessel in disgrace. He lived for six years in a derelict vessel, until he had an epiphany and was suddenly seized with purpose. He went on to join Southdown Abbey where he stayed for a decade, then finally left to become a missionary, where he found Serenity.


Book always shares his religious beliefs, much to Mal’s dislike. He continues to be of help whenever he can, although Book would prefer spiritual guidance to physical violence. He has helped the crew get rid of Alliance men who were looking for a friend of Mal and Zoe, and has been shown throwing punches when absolutely necessary. Book has proven that he has high skill with firearms and a firm belief of religion. Lately, he’s been questioning his place and purpose aboard Serenity, especially when he acts violently without thinking.

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Admin Audition: Malcolm Reynolds

Below is an admin audition for Malcolm Reynolds. This is a full sample audition, completed by Admin D. If y’all have any questions at all about auditioning, please refer to the writing below. If you still have questions after reading, feel free to ask!

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