Let’s go be bad guys!”

| Jayne Cobb | Mercenary | FC: Adam Baldwin | Open | 

+ instinctive, good shot, sound

- inconsiderate, greedy, discreditable


Jayne Cobb was born on Deadwood and was the oldest child to a single mother. Life for Jayne wasn’t the easiest, and he learned at an earlier day that the more money you have, the safer you were. Reavers were a constant threat, and the people of Deadwood were ill-informed about who the Reavers were or where they came from. All they knew was how to keep quiet and - in very extreme cases - how to shoot off a gun long enough to escape. Jayne grew up in fear of the Reavers, and left his family to find more money and more work. He became a mercenary who didn’t fight in the war, and never held a real opinion one way or another. Jayne’s loyalty had always been for his mother, money, firearms and women, in that order.

He met Mal and Zoe when his gang tried to rob them, but Mal’s sweeter deal caused him to turn on them. From there, Jayne became a somewhat permanent fixture on Serenity. With his gruff exterior, most of Serenity’s crew learned to steer clear of Jayne unless they were on a mission or needed heavy firepower. Jayne showed signs of caring when Kaylee was shot, and always took pride in a gift his mother sent him. Jayne also showed signs of not understanding people, after a young man on the planet of Canton sacrifices himself to save Jayne.


Jayne is extremely protective of his family, and continues to send some of his earnings to his mother whenever he had work. Though he often argues with and insults Mal, Jayne still fights on his side because the money is never “good enough” to turn on him. Jayne is highly skilled with many types of weapons, but holds a strong love for his prized gun, Vera. He may seem stupid but has his own brand intellect, particularly when it comes to interrogating and reading body language. He has a strong sense of his surroundings and is able to sense danger and impending peril. 

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